Our price is £15.00 per night, per kennel. If you have special requirements please contact us to double check any additional fees which may be involved.

This price is inclusive of:

  • Consistent on site one on one expert attention for your rabbits
  • A friendly personal service for you
  • Large spacious and secure insulated kennels (Locked when we are not around and at night)
  • A clean and hygienic environment for your rabbits to stay in
  • Webcam access to watch what your bunnies are up to
  • Complimentary advice service on a wide range of topics if required (Available throughout the year)
  • Complimentary nail clipping and grooming if required
  • Rabbit friendly Veterinary care if needed
  • Top quality gorgeous hay which is refreshed daily
  • Dry feed included if your rabbits eat Science Selective or Burgess Excel rabbit food
  • Fresh vegetables daily as part of your rabbit's normal diet
  • Fresh water as required
  • Heating (24/7 if required)
  • Ice pods for hot weather (we monitor the temperature of the accommodation daily)
  • Timed lighting
  • Radio for soothing background noise (we have found this works very well for single and nervous rabbits)
  • Text message updates on how your rabbits are doing
  • Peace of mind

What people say...

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after our buns Pancake & Harriet whilst we were away for a long weekend. It was fab you could look after them at our house. Pancake was no doubt grateful to have avoided another car journey given his head tilt and leaving them in their own familiar surroundings made me more comfortable leaving him when he wasn't 100% well. Your text updates were also a really sweet touch. We're also especially grateful for you feeding Frank the fish while we were away, and calling me when his pump failed after a powercut, so we could get it sorted. I'm not sure he'd have survived otherwise, so thank you. This was above and beyond, you are a star! "
- Emily, Pancake, Harriet & Frank xx